Postpartum Nutrition Coaching

Medical Nutrition Therapy for New Mothers

Baby is finally here! Oh, happy day! As you bask in the glow of your new bundle of joy, self-care is usually the first thing to go out the window. We can help you navigate the trials and tribulations of Mommyhood with caring and compassionate nutrition coaching.

Nutrition Coaching for Postpartum Mothers

Congratulations, Mom! Now that baby is here and taking center stage, it is easy to neglect yourself. Around the clock exhaustion–and awe–make it difficult to focus on proper nutrition. Nutrition is just as important now as it was during pregnancy. As your body recovers and heals it needs vital nutrients. Your body will prioritize these nutrients to produce nourishing breast milk for baby. Any new Mom will tell you to take all the help you can get. We will support you with integrative nutrition counseling that addresses breast milk production, returning to a healthy weight, support for hormonal-induced post-pregnancy changes (hair falling out, anyone?), and a made-for-you meal plan to help restore mood and energy.

Postpartum Nutrition Coaching is for you if you could use support with:

Breastfeeding, pumping, and formula feeding

How to handle infant food allergies

Practicing self-care for new Moms 😊

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Getting back to a healthy weight

The best diet for breastfeeding

Intuitive eating and health at every size

Whole Lifecycle Postpartum

Postpartum Nutrition Coaching Services Include:

In-depth initial consultation for individual or partners

Ongoing follow up sessions; Monthly sessions are recommended (Increased follow ups may be beneficial for support with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders)

Continued support through the postpartum period, including lactation, breastfeeding and child feeding education

Access to Living Plate custom meal planning software

Custom nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

Access to secure HIPAA compliant client portal with:

  • Food and mood journals to track your progress
  • Unlimited chat support

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