Pediatric Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Counseling for Children and Families

Your one-stop shop for evidence-based family nutrition care, Whole Lifecycle Nutrition provides medical nutrition therapy for a variety of conditions. We focus on behavior change strategies to motivate kids and parents to make positive lifestyle changes.

Pediatric-focused Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition education, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there. What busy parent has time to sort through it all? We can help with the most common issues families face. We teach solids foods introduction, how to raise good eaters, and strategies to help with picky eating. Mealtime stress is a real thing in many homes. Practical solutions can empower you to bring joy back to the table and help your kids develop lifelong beneficial relationships with food. It is never to early to focus on nutrition and healthy eating.

We can help your family with feeding issues starting in infancy and into the teen years. These may be due to a sensory disorder, neurodivergence, other developmental concern, or behavioral. We will let you know if your child may have more than just picky eating, or should be evaluated by a feeding specialist. 

For teens, we provide guidance on sports nutrition, behavioral health nutrition for eating disorders, ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, PCOS, hormone health, and body image issues. 

In addition, we offer individualized nutrition therapy to help with gut issues, food allergies or intolerances, weight management, and more. We do not focus on weight or calories, but instead promote behavior change and a healthful approach to eating. We address nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and body image to help children achieve and maintain a healthy body.

Family, Child, and Adolescent Nutrition is for you if you could use professional expertise in:

Introducing solid foods to your baby, including Baby Led Weaning

Picky eating and food refusal

Autism (ASD) or ADHD

Supplements for kids and teens

Sports nutrition for the teen or pre-teen athlete

PCOS or hormonal issues


Teaching kids of all ages about nutrition

Meal prepping, healthy snacking, and grocery shopping

Where to start towards healthy lifestyle changes as a family

How to promote a positive body image

Overcoming an eating disorder


  Our family pediatrician told us that our kids should see a nutritionist. I admit I was not totally sold and was worried about putting emphasis on their weight. I found Whole Lifecycle Nutrition on our health insurance websites provider search tool. I could not be happier. Rachel is so understanding and gets that to work with families the most important thing is a realistic plan. She spends time to get to know us and remembers everything our kids tell her, even the name of my daughters stuffie she brought to a session once. She never discusses weight with the kids. I am relieved and happy that this is who we found. I was worried about us feeling judged and this is not the case. If your kids or family might need some guidance on healthy eating and making lifestyle changes definitely consider Whole Lifecycle Nutrition. 


Whole Lifecycle Pediatric

Pediatric Nutrition Coaching Services Include:

In-depth initial consultation

Ongoing follow up sessions; Monthly sessions are recommended

Nutrition education delivered at an age appropriate level

Custom nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations

  • Ideas to break up dinnertime monotony
  • Handouts that are customized for your family’s needs
  • Behavior troubleshooting
  • Actions for parents
  • Access to Living Plate custom meal planning software

Access to secure HIPAA compliant client portal with:

  • Food and mood journals to track your progress
  • Unlimited chat support

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