Nutrigenomics Testing

Nutritional Genomics study the relationship between human genome, nutrition, and health

Genetics + Epigenetics = Health

3×4 genetic testing with Rachel

We have all heard of genetics. The package of genes that were handed to us at conception and the recipe for every cell and metabolic process in our bodies. It is estimated that about 20% of our phenotype, the complete expression of ourselves, is due to genetics alone. The rest is epigenetics. That is great news! It means that we have some control over our health and wellness destiny.

Have you ever heard of epigenetics? They are the environmental and lifestyle factors that influence the expression of our genes. Nutrients, exposure to toxins, and other lifestyle choices can turn our genes on or off. A nutrigenetics test is the best way to identify how much influence mutations of your individual genes have on the various pathways in your body. We tend to think of mutations as a negative thing, but when it comes to genetics, it simply means a variant from what is considered normal for a given gene. A mutation can make a metabolic process more or less efficient. It can be beneficial. It may also increase risk.

At Whole Lifecycle Nutrition, we recognize that you are a unique and complex human being. Health is a daily choice, but sometimes it is difficult to know if the choices we make are the best ones for us. Let your body tell you it’s unique story with 3×4 genetic testing. This simple to use genetic test combines scientific research with clinical impact to give you deep insight into how to live longer, healthier and better.

Have you ever wanted to know:

How do I improve my physical and mental performance?

What is the most effective way for me to lose weight?

How do I live the best version of myself?

How do I live a healthier and longer life?

Why do I keep getting sick?

What supplements should I take?

Our bodies are complex. Our genes don’t work in isolation – they work with each other. We take a systems approach to look at how our genes work together in cellular pathways such as inflammation, and in functional systems, such as brain or glucose and insulin, to understand your unique health blueprint. Together, we will look upstream to get to the root of what influences your health at the deep cellular level.

I did the 3×4 genetic testing and it was so cool and interesting! I learned a lot about myself, but I also feel like it reinforced a lot of what I knew. It feels good to have real answers about my health and not just a guess. Rachel put together a list of custom supplement and food recommendations for me based on my results. I highly recommend the test.


How it works

The Science

We use advanced testing and analysis to group your genes into functional pathways. The final blueprint uses these pathways to easily explain your body’s health story.

Expert Analysis

Your Whole Lifecycle Nutrition health practitioner will work through the blueprint with you to examine what daily health choices you can make to ensure lifelong health.

Sustainable Change

We believe that health is not a static condition, but a daily choice. Using your blueprint and the guidance of an expert practitioner you gain a deeper understanding of your body to make informed and sound daily health choices.

Whole Lifecycle Nutrition is ready to work with you to obtain optimal health.

A kit will be mailed to your home to collect a simple cheek swab. We will book an expert consulting session with you upon receiving your individual customized report three weeks later. This is unlike any other genetic testing company. Because 3×4 is pathway based, we can look at you as the whole human and see how all the pathways in your body are interconnected. Take ownership of your health. Book your nutrigenetics consult today.